A few poems.


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    A few poems.

    Post  Debbie. on Tue May 12, 2009 10:37 pm

    Well I just thought I'd share a few of the poems I've written.
    Hopefully I haven't posted any of them before, haha!

    I Must Tell Them
    She's crying and alone
    She's lost and undone
    I must tell her of Jesus' blood

    He's on the edge
    He's about to give
    I must tell him what Jesus did

    They've fought for the last time
    They're throwing in the towel
    I must tell them of Jesus somehow

    I have but one chance
    Just a limited time
    To speak of God's love
    And glory divine

    I'll walk daily onward
    With each new face I'll know
    I must tell them of Jesus
    And the mansion I own

    As my final request
    When you lay me to rest
    My friend speak not of woe and depress
    You must, Oh you must tell them of Jesus!

    The Altar
    If you could wring out an altar
    And see the dried up tears
    You'd see God's grace and mercy
    Preserved throughout the years
    You'd see broken homes made new
    Families kneeling at the cross
    A mother's heart made free
    A sister grieving for a loss
    You'd see the praises rising
    The voices lifted up
    You'd see the tears of joy
    The filling of one's cup

    Streets of Gold
    I'm broken here before You
    With this load I cannot bear
    Please compass me with Your mercy
    And from me lift this care
    These steps I cannot take alone
    This path I cannot trod
    Oh my soul, when shall I
    Come before my God
    I cry out from the bedside
    Much like the psalms of old
    Oh how I desire, desire the streets of gold


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    Re: A few poems.

    Post  Billie on Wed May 13, 2009 12:01 am

    Thank you Debbie! I can hear the Fathers' heart in them flower

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